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Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you wish to relive as often as possible. Wedding filmmaking is an art form that lets you relive the memories of your wedding day.

You can listen to your fiancé speak their vows., you can watch yourself walk down the aisle. A video captures how you spoke, laughed, danced, and loved. Some time from now, you will share memories of your wedding with your children and theirs. I’m not sure about you, but I feel like I’m getting old quickly. Your voices will be different, smiles wrinkled, the family has grown, but your wedding film will always be there to bring you back to your feelings of young love.

It’s not just a wedding video. It is your priceless Story.

If picture is worth a  thousand  words. Then  video  is close to priceless…

Wedding Films

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Your story is beautiful

I’ve always wanted to help people. I went through nursing school so that I can help people that way although I failed but it took me into a different path. I didn’t have to become a nurse to help people.., I can help couples! “Create a memory for them, a special way relive their day”. I really think that this is my calling and I think I have a gift for it.

After watching their wedding film, Kayla & Joe sent me their reaction. Watching them & seeing their responses to what I created for them made me feel like I was on a roller coaster. This made me appreciate what I do & I realized how much a video can rejuvenate my couples’ wedding memories. It might not be obvious when you watch these wedding films, but I’m intentional when creating them, and if I can bring my couples back to their wedding day even just a little bit, I have done my job well. The work I do gives me fulfillment & happiness!


Wedding filmmaking is not just pressing a button on my camera- it’s an art form.

Kind Words

Greetings New Friend

“I’m Andrie”

pronounced as “and – drey” and I’m the person behind Hudson Valley Creative Wedding Films. I am based in Hudson Valley, New York, although I occasionally have weddings elsewhere. Wherever you need me to be, my camera and bag are ready to tell your story.

“I’m Andrie”

It all started with creating travel videos while I was completing nursing school. Eventually, it led me to my passion that I love. 

Every wedding film is uniquely made for you. Each couple has a different story and I aim to create a wedding film that represents you as a couple & your day.  I am honored to be able to tell your story and be a part of it.

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I am a small business owner and I am behind Hudson Valley Creative.

I shoot the natural & candid moments. By the end of the day, you won’t even notice that I am there. My approach is more documentary and making sure you are present in the moment.

I will be only taking 23 weddings.

Fill out the contact form and we can schedule a zoom call so I can hear more from you.

Raw footage are the (Unedited footages) & I do provide my couples all the raw footages.

I never know which music I’ll use for the video until after the wedding although music is such an important piece to creating a perfect video that flows & suites the feeling of the day.
The expected delivery date of the final product is 2-3 months.
I create each one of my videos based on Audio. Audio helps me tell your story and it will set your video apart from the others. Whether it’s a letter reading, vows, or speeches it’s an important key factor to creating a video that is more personal. Although I don’t force my couples on doing something they aren’t comfortable.

– I do travel, wherever you need me to be I’ll be there!

My films are unique and curated to each one of my couples day & story. I shoot all of my weddings and I edit each one of them. My videos aren’t just edited piece by piece. I put more thought into creating these videos to make it more special for you & your partner to look back on. I don’t think anyone can recreate my films, because I shoot differently and create each one of them myself in my unique vision.

Hudson Valley Creative Co / Hudson Valley New York & Travel available in U.S